Cross Connection Control Program (CCP)

Safeguarding our drinking water is everyone's responsibility. Cross connections between water supplies and sources of contamination represent one of the most significant threats to health in the water supply industry.

Windermere Water and Sewer Company Inc. and Parr Utilities Ltd. ("Utility")are committed to providing our customers with safe, reliable drinking water in accordance with the Drinking Water Protection Act, and have implemented a Cross-Connection Control Program (CCP). The CCP ensures the delivery of safe drinking water by eliminating actual and/or potential cross connections within the Utilities water distribution system by requiring the installation of approved backflow prevention devices on private and/or public properties.

How Backflow Can Cause Contamination
How backflow can cause contamination

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Your Responsibility

Property owners and occupants have a responsibility to ensure that no cross connections exist on their property.

Other responsibilities include:

  • Reporting any cross connections or backflow incidents to the Utility;
  • Providing Utility workers with access to assess buildings and or property for potential or actual cross connections;
CCP Implementation

Currently, the Utility is in the process of assessing all water service connections to determine their compliance with backflow requirements, as well as the property owner's installation obligations. Program implementation is focused on the high and severe hazard water use properties first, including agriculture and industry.

Contact Information

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More Information

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