System Overview

WWS/Parr's potable water is sourced from Lake Windermere through an 'Intake' placed about 210m into the lake.

The Utility currently maintains two pressure zones through an interconnected grid. There is currently one storage reservoir on the system, but there is a second one planned for future expansion.

WWSC/Parr has one treatment plant that treats, filters and then distributes the water throughout our service area. The water is treated by going through a 3 step filtration process, an Ultra Violet Disinfection and chlorination. A more detailed explanation can be found under the Water Treatment Tab. This process does leave a small active chlorine component within the water system to ensure that safe water is being supplied at all times to our customers. Continued testing by an Independent Laboratory and monitoring by Interior Health confirms that the potable water exceeds the Canadian Drinking Water Quality Guidelines.

For more information, visit: Health Canada.