About Us

Windermere Water a Sewer Company Inc. ("WWSC") supplies sanitary sewer services to homes and businesses on the East side of Windermere Lake in the Regional District of East Kootenay, British Columbia. Incorporated in 2005, WWSC has invested a significant amount in our state of the art treatment systems to meet all current quality guidelines and to ensure the safety of the services that we provide to our customers.

Drinking water was formally supplied by Parr Utilities Ltd. ("Parr"). In September 2018 the Regional District of East Kootenay ("RDEK") took over the onwership and operations of the water treatment plant.

The sanitary sewer services are provided by WWSC. Effluent is collected within the various communities and is pumped to our three sewage treatment lagoons via a series of lift stations located throughout the service area. Through the magic of time and mother nature, the solids collect within the lagoons and the effluent becomes effectively inert. Once enough time has elapsed and subject to prior testing, the effluent is chlorinated and will eventually be used to supplement irrigation on The Ridge Golf Course and for agricultural purposes on the ranch that is owned by WWSC. Sanitary sewer services are currently being provided to the Baltac Community, Pedley Heights, Stoddart Estates, Copper Point Estates, Copper Point Resort and customers on Lake Drive.

The sanitary sewer operation is overseen by the British Columbia Ministry of the Environment.

For more information on sewer operations, please contact our office either by phone at (403) 265-7037 or by email: billing [at] windermeresewer [dot] combilling{at}windermeresewer{dot}com