Environmental Policy

The mission of Windermere Water & Sewer Company is to provide a safe and reliable water supply to the residents of the Windermere Valley and to collect, treat and dispose of wastewater in an environmentally sensitive manner.

We are committed to:

  • Provide high quality water service to the community
  • Be stewards of water conservation to optimize the use of our water resource
  • Provide superior wastewater collection and treatment services for the preservation of Lake Windermere

With these goals in mind, the Utilities are committed to conducting their operations in an environmentally responsible manner, which protects the land, the water and their numerous occupants.

In an effort to reach these goals, the Utilities will:

  • Comply with and/or exceed all applicable environmental laws and regulations,
  • Minimized adverse environmental impacts from our operations,
  • Promote environmental awareness,
  • Monitor our performance with respect to the environment, by periodically reviewing our practices, procedures and objectives,
  • Train our employees and contractors to incorporate good environmental practices in all aspects of our operations,
  • Communicate our performance to our directors, employees, contractors and customers,
  • Review our Environmental Management System on a regular basis to continually improve our performance.