Wastewater System

Sewer Lines

Please note that in the Columbia Valley, winter temperatures can drop below -25 degrees Celsius for several days at a time. Windermere Water & Sewer Company Inc. suggests that all customer service lines be installed at a minimum depth of 2.5 meters. If this is not possible, then the service line should be insulated and heat taped to prevent freezing.

Residential Service

For residential plumbing requirements please go to the Sewer Application Form, or the Overview of Service Connections.

Please note that the Regional District of East Kootenay (RDEK) require the installation of a specific make of grinder pump (if not on a gravity feed) to a community sewer system.

Reference to the bylaw is available on the RDEK website at: ftp://ftp.rdek.bc.ca/waterservicebylaws/Bylaw1954SubdivisionServicingBylaw_Oct11.pdf Subdivision Servicing Bylaw No. 1954, 2008, Part II, Pg. 22, Section 11.03 (5) a)

Baltac Sewer Project

Baltac Sewer system requirements - Bylaw

RDEK Sewer Newsletter and Information

Commercial Service

As each project will differ from the other, please contact our office for specific requirements for your Commercial building at (403) 265-7037 or at billing [at] windermeresewer [dot] combilling{at}windermeresewer{dot}com